Tasting trays – 35pc

Tasting trays of our favourite selections offer 35 macarons (7 pieces each of five flavours) presented in a catering tray for perfect presentation and protection.

Selection One

Raspberry | Strawberry, Passionfruit & Rhubarb | Creme Brulee | Fleur de Sel Caramel | Single Origin Chocolate

Selection Two

Strawberry Cheesecake* | Creme Brulee | Rose | Pistachio | Violet & Blueberry

Selection Three

Earl Grey Chocolate | Strawberry Cheesecake* | Rose | Violet Blueberry | Gin & Tonic


Macarons are a fresh product. To enjoy them at their optimum texture, they are best eaten within 3–4 days. They should be stored covered and refrigerated. 

*Seasonal flavour. Will be replaced throughout the year.

Tasting trays – 35pc
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