Our Boxes

Our logo and gift box design were hand drawn by Melbourne graphic artist Kano Hollamby. The charms that decorate our box tell a little macaron story – the almond blossom, the cocoa bean, the pied or “foot” (the ruffled edge around the base of the biscuit formed when heat causes it to lift from the baking sheet), and the egg, whisk and stopwatch evoke the Promethean contest between man and egg that is French patisserie.
We have solid embossed gift boxes in sizes which hold 6 , 12 or 18 macarons. We also have soft complimentary boxes which hold, 6, 12 or 18 macarons. Our small cube boxes, which hold two macarons each, are available for pre-order for weddings and events. 

Solid embossed ‘Charmed‘ boxes (pictured below) are available in four colours:

  • Ivory with pale blue base (gold embossed) – in sizes for 6, 12 or 18 macarons
  • Sun yellow (gold embossed) – in sizes for 6 or 12 macarons
  • Pale Grey (silver embossed) – in sizes for 12 macarons
  • Periwinkle Blue (silver embossed) – in sizes for 12 macarons






    Pom Pom gift boxes

    • Rose pink (gold embossed) – in sizes for 6, 8 or 12 macarons


    We also have adorable cube boxes for one or two macarons for Weddings and Events. 


     Cube boxes for two macarons

    • Ivory with gold (pictured above)
    • Ivory with silver
    • Pale Blue with dark teal print
    • Clear cellophane
    • Ivory with gold Christmas charms

    Mini box for one macarons

    • Ivory with gold 

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