Weddings and Events

Our delicate macarons and chocolate dragées are little luxuries that can give your wedding or event an extra something special. Our range is available in a beautiful spectrum of colours, which can be paired to suit any theme or style. Impeccable presentation and only the finest ingredients ensure you will only have the best for your special day.

Cube boxes for two macarons

Our adorable cube boxes make stylish bonbonniere or table settings for weddings and events. These boxes can be filled with your choice of macarons and are available in three different colours, including Ivory with Gold embossing, Marine Blue with Rose Gold embossing or Clear Cellophane. 



Pyramid Stands & Macaron Towers

Our clear pyramid stands and macaron towers are a sumptuous addition to dessert tables, or as an alternative to a traditional wedding cake. Our acrylic pyramid stands are available in two sizes: Small for 38 macarons and Large for 74 macarons.

Our macaron towers are made in the traditional French method and are available in a range of sizes: Medium for 105 macarons (52cm height) and Large for 220 macarons (80cm height), or enquire about custom sizes to suit your event.


Custom 185cm macaron tower

Tiered Macaron Tower

    This is the newest addition to our tower collection! This beautiful tower is also a perfect accessory to your dessert table typically catering for a larger guest party. This macaron tower consists of 10 tiers which can hold up to 205-210 macarons. The assembling of this tower is slightly more flexible opting as a more accommodating option to suit your event where certain tiers can be removed!   


    We offer quantity discounts for special event orders. For a personalised consultation and/or quote, please contact our head office either by phone at 03 9024 4528 or fill out our event enquiry form below.

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