Frequently asked questions about our macarons:


Are your macarons gluten-free?

All of the macarons in our standard range are gluten-free. It is always good to check if you have any concerns or allergies as we occasionally produce seasonal flavours (e.g. Pain d'Epices or Gingerbread at Christmas or Lemon Crisp), which can have a tiny amount of gluten.


Do any of your macarons contain alcohol?

We often have a flavour or two that contains alcohol within our macaron range and this should be indicated in the flavour name. e.g. Gin & Tonic, Champagne Chocolate and Bellini - Peach & Prosecco each contain the alcohol stated in the flavour name. Other previous examples include Pimm's & Pomegranate, which contains Pimm's. Moët et Chandon & Blackcurrant contains Moët et Chandon champagne.


Can you send macarons by post? Can you send them interstate or internationally?

In some circumstances we can send macarons by post, including to interstate destinations. We use plastic blister inserts on our packaging to ensure protection from breakages and chilled freight for some of our flavours. Please contact the office on info@labellemiette.com.au or (03) 9024 4528 to discuss so that we can tailor a solution for you. Many of our customers travel with our macarons internationally, however we do not have any experience sending macarons to international destinations and do not offer this service. 


How long do macarons last for?

To enjoy them at their optimum texture most of our macarons are best eaten within three days of purchase. The exception to this is our best selling Fleur de Sel Caramel macaron, which will last for two to three weeks. They can be eaten beyond this time but will soften each day. They should ideally be kept airtight and refrigerated – wrapping a plastic bag around our boxes can be sufficient.

For nationwide special events and corporate gifting, we have a range of flavour options we can work with that travel better and have extended shelf lives. Please enquire so that we can tailor a solution for you. 


Are your macarons baked fresh daily?

To develop their ideal flavour and texture, macarons are left to sit or "mature" for 24–36 hours after they are made. (The time is dependent on the moisture content of the particular filling). So they are not made on the day that they are sold. As a macaron specialist we are making macarons daily and are one of the few producers in Australia who have fresh stock delivered daily to our stores.


Can I take them overseas?

We have had many of our customers travel with our macarons. If you wish to carry our macarons overseas with you we recommend purchasing our gift boxes as they are more solid and carrying your order within your hand luggage. We also recommend purchasing your order on the day of your flight. Our macarons are best when kept in an airtight container in the refrigerator and are at their optimum texture when eaten within 2-3 days.


 Can I freeze macarons?

We do not recommend freezing macarons. They are very fragile and if they are frozen ice crystals will form within the shell. When left to defrost, the crystals will create moisture, which will cause the beautiful light and airy shell to collapse.


 I want to make my own tower and purchase the macarons from you?

We are happy to supply you with macarons and have a few suggestions on what would work best if you wish to create your own macaron towers. Polystyrene or Styrofoam cones must be coated with Royal Icing sugar first. Use toothpicks to stick the macarons on the tower. We recommend not using our Fleur de Sel Caramel macaron, as it will slide off the toothpicks. It is also recommended to purchase extra macarons in case any break!


I am allergic to food colourings. Do they all contain colouring? What colours do they contain?

All of our macarons contain food colouring including our white macaron shell, which we colour with titanium. For information on the specific colorants used, please contact our head office by phone (03 9024 4528) or by email (info@labellemiette.com.au)


 Are your macarons halal?

Our macarons that contain alcohol are not halal. Gin & Tonic and Bellini – Peach & Prosecco contains alcohol and some of our special/seasonal flavours do as well. The cream we use to make our ganaches is set with halal gelatine. We do not use vanilla extract (which contains alcohol) in our vanilla infused ganache. These are all made with real vanilla pods.


Are your macarons vegetarian?

Our macarons do not contain any seafood or flesh from any animal. However, they contain animal by-products such as eggs and cream. Please note that the cream we use is made with halal gelatine.


Do they contain raw egg or raw egg white?

Our macarons are made with egg white, which is whipped and cooked. None of our macarons contain raw egg.